Health Benefits of Gardening

Research indicates that growing your own organic vegetables is the best way to improve your diet. Additionally, gardening gives access to unprocessed and fresh foods right in your backyard and many other health benefits. Whether you are practicing gardening for the first time or switching to organic, there are many benefits that you expect your body, mind, and soul to reap. On that note, let’s look at some of the major health benefits of gardening.


Reduces stress and anxiety


It’s on record that getting to work in your garden after a busy day drastically reduces mental fatigue and importantly levels of stress. In a study that was carried out by scientists, participants took part in a stressful activity and then they were subjected to 30 minutes indoor reading and 30 minutes gardening. Although both activities reduced stress, gardening had a significant effect on the other. This is a clear indication of how gardening is very crucial when it comes to stress and anxiety.


Decreases your risk of diabetes and heart disease


Gardening ensures you are always active and therefore reducing the levels of your stress. This basically means that you can be able to prevent infections such as diabetes, obesity, heart diseases and other lifestyle-related infections. Moreover, feeding on the nutritious food that you grow in your garden ensures that you always grow great for your heart health.


Makes you happy

Research indicates that numerous health problems such as depression, stress and anxiety are directly related to the amount of time that you spend outside. When it comes to kids this can actually lead to nature-deficit disorder. However, gardening nurtures your sense of pride, offers an outlet for creativity, staves off blues and importantly accomplishment when you do the harvest of the foodstuff that you have grown.


It keeps your mind sharp


Mounting evidence from a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s disease shows that a number of physical activities including gardening can actually be able to cut the risk of Alzheimer disease by 50 percent. Furthermore, gardening and other associated fields of gardening are very crucial areas when it comes to patients with dementia. Through, gardening, positive impacts in terms of the well-being of these patients have been recorded indicating how fruitful the activity is.


Helps you sleep better


It’s also on record that spending significant time in your garden improves the quality. Although this physical activity tires you out, it helps you in reducing stress and significant levels of stress. This basically means that you will be able to easily fall asleep and crucially experience sweeter dreams.




From the above discussion, it’s undoubtedly that gardening has very significant effects when it comes to your health. Practice gardening and you will be able to have a better sleep, live a happy life, keep your mind sharp, decrease the risks of heart diseases and diabetes and importantly reduce stress and anxiety. Gardening impacts have some fascinating insights on how to benefit your soul, body, and mind. So, make sure you have a sedimentary rock characteristics chart just in case. Gardening is  a great learning venue for types of rocks.